Welcome to freedomcrowsnest.org

We are a political forum. This is a message board where people from all over the United States and Americans living abroad can come together to talk about the important issues of the day. We don’t just talk about obviously political events but we also discuss social trends and, like it or not, celebrity news. Now, please keep in mind that celebrity news is only news if it reflects somehow on the greater political ideological battles that rage throughout the American cultural landscape.

As you can well imagine, forums require authenticity and sincerity. We don’t believe that this forum is a place for people to assume a satirical position. We’re not saying that you can’t post satire from time to time. Instead, what we’re saying is that when you post as position or you make a certain claim, you assume that you truly believe that.

This is what sets this forum apart from a wave of contemporary forms that thrive on sarcasm, irony and satire. There are many contemporary forums which are mostly populated by millennials who are very ironic. Basically, they would talk about right wing politics, but they would extend it to ridiculously extreme positions.

We don’t believe in those games. We truly believe that people who come to this forum actually believe what they say. You may not agree with them, but at least they truly believe what they say and they’re willing to supply facts and argumentation to support their conclusions.

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